The Wolsztyn locomotive depot is the only locomotive depot in Europe, and probably even in the world, that is still operational, from which steam locomotives are issued almost every day to run scheduled passenger trains, most often running on the route from Wolsztyn to Poznań, Leszno or Zbąszynek.

Wolsztyn Station, with its historic character, unspoilt by modern technical civilization, is a natural base for this last active locomotive depot. Railway traditions, history and the uniqueness of its assets on a global scale contribute to the global promotion of the region. This is the only place where you can see workshops, machines and equipment, as well as other technical facilities used to maintain and repair steam locomotives.

Only here you can see a hot, steam-belching steam locomotive every day. By staying in the Wolsztyn locomotive depot facilities, such as the steam locomotive repair hall, you can tangibly learn about part of the railway's history. The facilities are still kept in the style of the 1950s. All the machinery and equipment currently used to repair steam locomotives perfectly reflects the atmosphere of repair workshops from those years. The movable and immovable monuments located here constitute an invaluable source of knowledge not only about old technology, but also about the work ethos and everyday life in Poland in the 20th century.

The locomotive shed has about 30 steam locomotives of various series, the most interesting of which are: the oldest fireless TKb b4 steam locomotive from 1912, used after the war in the Szczecin steelworks, known from the films "The Pianist" and "City from the Sea" Ok1-359 from 1917, three-cylinder Ty1-76 from 1919, the only preserved steam locomotive from this series in the world, the Tr5-65 from 1921, the oldest Polish-made Ok22-31 from 1929, and the fastest, with a speed of 130 km/h, the Pm36- 2 called "Beautiful Helena" from 1937.

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Wolsztyn locomotive shed

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Wolsztyn locomotive shed

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Wolsztyn locomotive shed